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Columns and Articles by Dr. Laina Farhat-Holzman

January 23, 2016

Europe's Good Intentions Hit the Wall of Reality.

Casandras (me included) have been writing for 20 years about Europe's failure to integrate a Muslim immigrant population that resists modern culture. The Islamist terror attacks were alarming enough, but the New Year?s Eve sexual assaults, mobs of "North African" men molesting, raping, and robbing women in Cologne, Hamburg, Sweden, and Finland, have embarrassed governments across Europe. Europe's open door to "refugees" has brought in not only good families capable of integrating, but also hordes of young men who disdain European values, particularly about women.

These sexual attacks are not new; they have just been hushed up in the press at government request, until now. Why has this situation has gone unaddressed for so long? How did good intentions go bad?

In the aftermath of World War II, Europeans were confronted with shame over complicity with the Nazis in the holocaust. Jewish citizens were trapped when Germany overran Europe. Even American immigration policy did not help them. But every European country except for Denmark failed to protect their Jewish citizens from Nazi genocide. The British, to their credit, took in Jewish children who became the only survivors of their families before the war's end.

Europe's long history of anti-Semitism was confronted and the post-war governments resolved never again to be bigots. Moreover, post-war Europe had lost so many people, and birthrates were so low that they resolved to bring in a temporary program of foreign guest workers. Northern Europe recovered its economy before southern Europe, so the first guest workers were from Italy, Greece, and Spain. They were all European and Christian, and those who did not integrate returned to their countries with nice savings.

Then Muslim migrants began arriving in large numbers. Indonesians in the Netherlands, North Africans to France (both former French colonials and Muslims from Algeria, Morocco, and Sub-Saharan Africa); Pakistanis and Indian Muslims flooding England, Turks and Kurds to Germany, and more recently, Somalis to Finland and Sweden. The Germans assumed that these migrants would be a temporary work force; they had no mechanism for granting German citizenship, which is reserved for those with German ancestors on both sides.

Several problems converged. The migrants stayed, and while a small number integrated into European society, most did not. Welfare-supported ghettos rose around Europe's cities, leaving young men with no need to work and no qualifications for gainful employment. Most devastating was the rising tide of militant Islamism, an Islamo-fascism hostile to western culture and values. Even third-generation Muslim youth bought into this ideology and became a new criminal class which, when jailed, converted ordinary criminals into this new movement.

These unhappy circumstances were made worse by Europe's elites, who clung to a theory of cultural openness for the immigrants. They went as far as censoring the press from identifying the ethnicity of criminals, hushing up crime waves well known to the public. Sweden, for example, is overwhelmed by an enormous rape epidemic, almost all of it Muslim immigrants. The press never says that the rapists are Somali, saying instead that they are Swedes, a lie that fools nobody. It is difficult for the political elites to confess that their good intentions were ill-considered.

In the hope that it is not too late to save European culture, the French have taken the lead in dealing with their troublesome Muslim population. After two Islamist attacks in just this past year, France is abandoning the failed multi-cultural model. They are making it policy that immigrants must accept French values or leave. Tightening up their intelligence apparatus, they have raided numerous mosques that had stockpiled weapons and propaganda. They are arresting Muslim returnees from the Syrian civil war. Dual-passport criminals will be deported.

Britain has finally begun to follow suit. They recognize that their leniency toward immigrant culture has bred enormous violence against women and dangerous recruitment into Muslim cults.

Germany, still guilty over the Holocaust, has opened its doors to all sorts of immigrants, both genuine refugees and economic migrants. The New Year?s Eve rape rampage is the tip of the iceberg. German women and Muslim girls are victims of Muslim misogyny. Time to wake up.
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Dr. Laina Farhat-Holzman is a historian, lecturer, and author of God's Law or Man's Law. You may contact her at Lfarhat102@aol.com or www.globalthink.net.