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Columns and Articles by Dr. Laina Farhat-Holzman

August 06, 2011

We Need Perspective On Norway’s Terror Attack

Watching the terror attack on Norway on TV on July 22, I immediately thought---as did most journalists watching---that Norway had finally fallen victim to the long anticipated Islamist attack. Islamists have threatened Norway, Denmark, and Sweden that they will get righteous punishment for a culture that “insults” Islam.

Learning that the killer was Norwegian, I wondered if he were a Muslim convert. Scandinavian countries go out of their way to avoid identifying criminals as “Muslim” or “Muslim convert.” They regularly report rapists and other criminals by their nationality, even leaving out ethnic names, hoping to protect innocent Muslims from violence.

Norway was warned by American diplomats that their terrorism protection was feeble---and indeed it was. But does it really matter that the terrorist was a Norwegian fascist rather than an Islamist fascist? Both groups have the same enemies: government, liberal culture, women, and Jews. But Christian Fascists have no support from international (oil) money, which the Islamist do have.

For now, violence from the ultra-rightists is rare. Europol, the European police agency, has reported that non-Islamist ultra-rightist groups lack cohesion and have little public support. Although there were few other right-wing attacks anywhere in Europe, there were 45 left-wing and anarchist attacks in 2010, 12 percent more than in 2009. These numbers pale when compared with Islamist terror, which is very lethal indeed.

Since the 9/11/01 attack on the United States, there have been 17,494 Islamic Terror attacks around the world. In just June of 2011 alone, there were 184 attacks in 18 countries on enemies of five different religions with 930 dead and 1,527 critically injured. (Complete details of each attack on the website: thereligionofpeace.com.) The itemized list of deadly attacks on US soil since 1973 are: 55 attacks including the horrific 9/11 slaughter and the Fort Hood attack in 2009. (See infideltaskforce@aol.com for complete list.)

The death toll is always horrifying, but the list of injured is even more so. These attacks wound as many of the “enemy” as possible in the most deadly way. Islamists (like Hamas) load their bombs with nuts and bolts, to do maximum damage to the wounded. The Norwegian murderer took a leaf from this book, using bullets that explode inside the body, doing irreparable harm.

Many Norwegians resent immigration of so many Muslims: 15,000 this year alone, from Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea, and Somalia. This is usually identified as innate European racism, but there is more to it than that. There is no doubt that these refugees need sanctuary; but “multiculturalism” (all cultures are equally good) spares them from integrating into European culture. Ordinary people resent the increased crime rates, rapes, and cost of providing welfare to these newcomers. The rape of girls as young as 12 throughout Scandinavia outrages citizens who know that the criminals will be protected by multicultural laws from being identified. But there has been almost no public violence from Europeans.

That the Norwegian terrorist is a native son is being greeted by sighs of relief by the multiculturalists who initially feared that he was a Muslim. This recalls Steve Emerson, a journalist who happened to be in Oklahoma City (1995), who wandered into a Jihadi Muslim conference and heard what they were saying (to his horror). When the Murrow Building was bombed, he thought it was a Muslim attack. He was wrong, and was not only scorned by the rest of the press, but needed FBI protection for years. But six years later, 9/11 happened---along with all the hundreds of attacks around the world that followed. He has been right ever since.

Before all those sympathetic to multiculturalism think that they can sleep well because the terrorist was a Norwegian, consider that he did not go after Muslims; he went after liberal, idealistic Norwegians. And a 21-year sentence in prison (the most he could get) will spur Muslim terrorists to go after Norway too. Not much of a price to pay for such results. They don’t even need to be suicide bombers.

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Dr. Laina Farhat-Holzman is a historian, lecturer, and author of “How Do You Know That? Contact her at Lfarhat102@aol.com or www.globalthink.net.